Frequently Asked Questions

About “Strengthen Our Foundation” Project 

Q. What's the urgency on doing this project now?

A. From buckling floors, non-functioning septic lines, foundation wall issues and water damage … these fundamental problems with our basement cannot be ignored any longer. To address these issues, we will need to remove the existing ~25-year-old carpet in several locations to repair the floors and will need to cut out parts of the concrete floor areas within the restrooms to install new septic and plumbing lines. This results in the need to add new floor covering and creates the opportunity to get restrooms up-to-date from a handicap accessibility standpoint. While replacing the kitchen cabinets from the 2020 flood damage, it makes good sense to update the kitchen layout to better serve funeral luncheons and rental parties. A general refresh of the entire basement is sorely needed to make it as functional and pleasant as possible within the current footprint.

Q. How long will this construction project take and how will it affect gatherings held in the basement?

A. Although the project will focus initially on the floor, restroom, and kitchen areas in order to get them operational as quickly as possible … the project will likely take 4-6 months but depends heavily on delivery of materials from suppliers. During this period, the Parish Office will make plans for funeral luncheons and gatherings to be held at alternate off-site local facilities.

Q. What will be done with all of the items being replaced in the basement?

A Prior to the construction start date, an inventory will be made of all items currently located in the basement that will no longer be needed. Those items which can be repurposed for use in the Fr Yauss Center, our Parish Office or our family of cluster Parishes will be provided to them at no cost. After this step is complete, an open auction will be held for all remaining items. These items may include kitchen appliances, folding tables/chairs, bathroom fixtures, etc.  All items remaining after the auction will then be donated to local charities. A notice for the auction date will be provided in the bulletin, on our "Strengthen Our Foundation" website, and on social media.

Q. Is a broad “Appeals Campaign” going to be launched to fund this project?

A. No. We plan to use funds from the insurance claim, our Permanent Improvement Fund and our Archdiocesan Savings account to cover most of the construction and restoration costs. We also pray (and hope) that parishioners will voluntarily contribute to this project financially or through the basement “gift registry” established on this website. Financial gifts will help us cover some of the construction costs and the gift registry will enable us to provide needed furnishings for the project. Although this is completely voluntary, we hope the gift registry will encourage both individual and/or multiple families to join together to collectively purchase the more expensive items and to know exactly how their contribution was applied to this project.

Q. Where are the specific funding amounts for this project coming from?

A. Listed here is the cost breakdown shared during the project presentations in the church basement after all the masses on the weekend of November 12, 2022. 

    The project total cost is estimated at $375,000. Approximately $41,000 is being funded from the flood damage insurance claim, $55,000 will be funded from our Parish Permanent Improvement Fund and up to $250,000 has been approved to come from our Parish Savings Account at the Archdiocese. The remaining balance will need to be funded by donations including cash items listed in the project “Gift Registry”. 

   Financial donations directed toward this project will be used solely for construction costs (materials/labor - ref "Project Scope") and furnishings associated with the renovation of the church basement. Donations toward this project exceeding the remaining balance will be used to reduce the amount we need to withdraw from our Parish Savings Account.


Q. If I am having trouble or do not feel comfortable using the gift registry on my own, can someone help me?

A. Yes!   Simply call the Parish Office at (419) 678-4802 and we will work directly with you either in our office or if you prefer, a member of the project committee will come to your home and assist you on your computer.

Q. If I would like to send a financial contribution, how can I do this?

A. Thank you in advance! Feel free to call our office at (419) 678-4802 and we will assist you. If you would like to mail a check, address it to Holy Trinity Church and include “Strengthen Our Foundation” on the memo line in the bottom left-hand corner of your check. Our mailing address is:  Holy Trinity Church; 120 East Main Street; Coldwater, Ohio 45828.

Q. Does this project eliminate the need for a future Parish Hall?

A. No. There is still a desire to build a new Parish Hall sometime in the future that will better meet the needs of our Parish including space for fellowship gatherings, funeral luncheons, and classrooms for our CCD Program. We can’t make the basement any bigger without conducting a major construction project.