St. Anthony Dinner Theater


Janie Timmerman 419-375-2320

For the past 23 years, the St. Anthony Dinner Theater has successfully presented a Christmas play with a good Christian message and humor along with music, a wedding-style meal, and beautiful decorations. This year, however, the decision has been made to eliminate the performances; BUT we will continue to operate under the same mission statement:

The St. Anthony Dinner Theater is a nonprofit organization of adult and youth members of our surrounding community who have joined together to provide an environment that fosters a sense of Christian community. Together with our communities’ support and generous donations, we are able to help area families with huge medical needs, giving them hope for the future.

To date, the Dinner Theater has given $1,201,00.00 to families, and with the support of our area businesses, organizations, and individuals, we will continue to keep our commitment to these families. We will also continue to apply for grants.

Janie Timmerman, President